Decisional and Cognitive Systems - SDC Team

The research activities of the SDC Team are dedicated to the organization, the improvement and the management of goods and services production systems. These systems rely both on physical resources and on human actors..


  • Experience, Knowledge and Competencies
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Experience feedback and Lesson Leaned in processes
  • Operational skills management
  • Uncertainty, Risks and Decisions
  • Risk Management
  • PHM (Prognostics and Health Management)
  • Collaboration through sypplay-chains

The team is composed of 4 Professors, 7 Assistant Professors and 22 PhD students.


More often, researches are realized within the framework of collaborative projects associating academics and industrials :

  • ANR project OPERA

- Tools and processes to support call for bids answering

- Partners: EMAC/CGI (Leader), IMS (ESTIA Recherche), Mecanumeric (Albi), Altran (Toulouse), Axsens (Toulouse), AES (Bordeaux)

- Duration: 42 months

  • Easynov project  ResPro 2.0

- Problem solving for the Factory of the Future

- Partners: Axsens bte, Mecaprotec

- Duration:  24 months

  • Industrial Contract

- Health monitoring and boogie failure prognostic based on an hybrid approach

- Partner: Alstom

- Duration: 24 months

  • Industrial PhD theses

- Syndicate of the Lourdes and Gaves Valley (PLVG) – Evaluation of the expected efficiency of a functional and sustainable waterway restoration project

- Alstom - Contribution of the bayesian approach to the definition of a reliability model of an Igbt module in a railway environment

- Axens bte – Collaborative models in industrial processes: use of experience feedback on past collaborations to associate actors and activities

- CEA Saclay – Default diagnostics and prognostics  in complex wired networks

- Urban Community of  Toulouse Métropole - Transposition of supply-chain techniques to public sector supply chains

- Axsens bte - Formalization of an agile problem solving method


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