Mechanics-Materials-Processes Scientific Department

The research activities developed in the Scientific Department MMP concerns the study of materials, mechanical systems, structures or processes in order to understand their behaviour, to design them and/or to optimise them. Multidisciplinary and multi-scale approaches are used to study them. Tools are those of the disciplinary fields of mechanics and materials, both experimental and numerical. The scientific department is composed of researchers from each of these fields. They are organised in four research groups: D²PAM, IMPACT, M²SD, TM²P.

The main areas of activity are: assemblies, composites material with organic matrices, metallurgy-processes-mechanical behaviour links, damage of materials and structures, additive manufacturing, machining, processes mechanics, tribology.


D2PAM: Design Durability and Process for Additive Manufacturing

With additive manufacturing new strong links appear between design methods, durability mainly related to metal fatigue and the LPBF process.  Especially links between topological optimization methods, the integration of manufacturability rules, and the optimization of the LPBF metal process itself.


Members : ABROUG Foued, ARNAUD Lionel, BAILI Maher, FAYE Jean Pierre, KELLER Clément, LORRAIN Bernard , TONGNE Amèvi.


FIRST: Fatigue, Interfaces, for Reliable and Sustainable Thermoplastics

Interfaces properties and macromolecular organisation in thermoplastic composites, rheology and heat transfer in processes (AM, welding, conventional), multi-physics behavior of materials and assemblies at different scales, fatigue.

  • Macromolecular diffusion, interfaces and interphases,
  • Modification of material and surface properties,
  • Recycling and revalorisation,
  • Fatigue of composites with different scale reinforcement
  • Thermomechanical behavior of welded assemblies and effect of size.


Members: CHABERT France, COSSON Benoit, GARNIER Christian, MERIAN Tiphaine,


IMPACT: Interfaces Materials, Polymers, Assemblies, Composites and Textiles

Research on polymer static interfaces such as welded, glued, additive manufacturing, coatings and organic composites materials. Study of reliability and durability of these structure (textile, functionalised polymer/resin, joined parts).


Reliability based on:

  1. Elaboration of fibrous structures and the polymer functionalisation
  2. Control of process parameters by experimental and numerical simulation approaches


Durability at the scale of interfaces and bonded structured based on: 

  1. Determination of tools to evaluate the interface degradation
  2. Identification of multi physical damaging modes during ageing

The application areas go from the agricultural world (vegetal fibres) up to the manufacturing of permanently assembled structured for domains such as aeronautics or garment textiles in the frame of a circular economy including end of life management (recycling).


Members : , DE-LUYCKER Emmanuel, FAZZINI Marina, GULIYEVA AynurHASSOUNE-RHABBOUR Bouchra, LAGOUIN Meryl, NASSIET Valérie, OUAGNE Pierre.


M2SD: Metallurgy Mechanics Structures and Damage

The activities of the M2SD group are dedicated to the characterization, modelling and simulation of the mechanical behaviour of materials and structures. Special attention is given to the links between microstructure and manufacturing process, the irreversible degradation mechanisms and the applications involving complex thermomechanical loads.

The main scientific topics are:

  • the experimentation and characterization of liquid/solid or solid/solid microstructural transformations during a process,
  • the identification of constitutive laws, the modelling and numerical simulation of the thermomechanical behaviour of metallic materials, during the manufacturing process or under service stresses,
  • the study of durability and damage mechanisms within advanced materials and structures.


Members : ALEXIS Joël, BALCAEN Yannick, DALVERNY Olivier, LACROIX Loïc, MOKHTARI Morgane,  PANTALE OlivierWELEMANE Hélène.



TM²P: Tribology, Materials & Process Mechanics


The group works on the relationship between the process, material, microstructure and tribological properties. In particular, the covered topics concern the dynamic behaviour of machining and rubbing systems under stress, tool/material interactions in manufacturing processes (e.g. cutting, FSW, burnishing, finishing), and damage-wear under severe tribological conditions, not forgetting monitoring for diagnosis and optimisation. The group develops innovative experimental methodologies towards in situ and/or in operando characterisation to better understand thermomechanical and physicochemical phenomena.


Membres : DENAPE Jean, DESSEIN Gilles, PARIS Jean Yves, WAGNER Vincent, YAHIAOUI Malik


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