The Production Engineering Laboratory

The Production Engineering Laboratory (Laboratoire Génie de Production or LGP) can trace its origins back to 1989.

The LGP is a multidisciplinary laboratory that develops research activities in materials, mechanics, automation, computer science, electrical engineering, robotics and production sciences and techniques in the field of Systems Science and Engineering. Given its affiliation with UTTOP, its mission is to conduct and develop research in areas related to the training of ENIT general engineers and thus promote the link between training, research and technology transfer. The LGP is also part of the Université Fédérale de Toulouse Midi Pyrénées and shares a number of activities with the Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (Toulouse INP)

The research is organized most often in close connection with real problems of the socio-economic world by following a unit of view of the product/process type throughout the life cycle of the product, from design to dismantling.

The LGP relies on remarkable equipment, consistent with the needs of companies and the profile of engineers trained at ENIT.

Following its restructuring, in July 2021, two scientific departments will group the teacher-researchers and researchers of UTTOP according to two major themes:


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